#MedievalHop A Captive in Waiting in Sherry Ewing’s A Knight to Call My Own

2a_knight_to_call_my__cover_for_kindleThe heroine in A Knight to Call My Own can stop waiting for marriage. She’s now captive, but what will be her fate?

A Knight to Call My Own Excerpt 2:  The sight of the massive war horse beside her quickly blocked her vision. She continued to run abreast of the beast ’til a body leaned low over the saddle. A gasp escaped her lips when she was scooped up into arms she swore were as hard as the solid trunk of a towering oak tree. Thrown against his chest, she began to squirm with all her might, but ’twas of no use. She was captured and pinned to his muscular torso whilst his arm all but twisted around her waist, ensuring her captivity and the loss of whatever brief bit of liberty she had felt.

“You try my patience, lass.” With the slightest touch of his knee, his stallion came to a sudden stop whilst she stared into the furious eyes of her captor.

“I am surprised you came for me yourself. Why not allow your lackeys to do your work for you?” she spat out, staring into Calum’s furious features.

“They will be dealt with, as will you, my lady,” he hissed, turning his gaze to those he rode with.

Blurb:  When your heart is broken, is love still worth the risk?

Lynet of clan MacLaren knows how it feels to love someone and not have that love returned. After waiting for six long years, she has given up hope of Ian’s return. Her brother-in-law, the Devil’s Dragon of Berwyck, is tired of waiting for her to choose a husband and has decided a competition for the right to wed Lynet is just the thing his willful charge needs to force her hand.

Ian MacGillivray has returned to Berwyck Castle in search of a bride and who better than the young girl who cared for him all those years ago. But Lynet is anything but an easy conquest and he will need more than charm to win her hand in marriage.

From the English borders to the Highlands of Scotland, the chase is on for who will claim the fair Lynet. The price paid will indeed be high to ensure her safety and even higher to win her love.

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Follow along next week by checking out Lane McFarland’s blog with excerpt #3 at http://lanemcfarland.com/blog/


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