BioMuseo ~ Panama City, Panama

So here we are, once again, in Panama, and we finally had time to visit the BioMuseo—a fascinating natural history museum with terrific views of the Panama City skyline and waters at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal. The BioMuseo also has a fascinating botanical garden that will only get better as the years go by. Here are some of the sites we saw today.


Above is the skyline of Panama City seen from an upper level of the BioMuseo. By contrast and from the same level, below is the roof of a hut on the BioMuseo property. Used to give educational presentations, the hut is thatched with traditional materials and in a manner still used by some of the native peoples who live in the Panamanian rain forests.


The next two photos are of some of the plants in the BioMuseo’s botanical gardens. The first is a coconut palm.


I could not find a sign or a guide to tell me the name of the plant shown in the next image. So if you know what it is, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know too. Whatever it is; I think it’s really pretty.


As I was searching for interesting plants and structures to show the diversity of sights in and around the BioMuseo, I saw this cargo ship exiting the western end of the Panama Canal. The thing is huge, and I wasn’t certain I could get it all into one shot. My DH thinks the containers are probably empty because, he says, the ship is riding very high in the water.


This last image is not from the BioMuseo, but one view from our high rise hotel room. I’ll have others to share in future blogs. For now, buenas noches.






2 thoughts on “BioMuseo ~ Panama City, Panama

    • Thanks for the comment Tonya. We had a terrific visit and look forward to going again. Panama may be a small country in terms of square miles, but it’s huge in terms of things to see and do.

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