U. S. Veteran Stacy McKitrick

StacyMemorial Day isn’t just yesterday. Every day is a great day to honor our veterans and active duty service members. Visiting today is US Veteran Stacy McKitrick. Please welcome her, read her personal experience of military service, and feel free to ask questions.

When I joined the U.S. Army back in August of 1975, with the delayed entry program (so I actually began my service on January 20, 1976), I guess I was looking for an adventure. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so going to college seemed like a waste of money. And while the guy I had a crush on in high school was helping recruiters for the Air Force, I found out the AF had stricter guidelines where weight was concerned and I was borderline.

I know, funny way to pick the Army. But hey, I was 17 and weight was an issue.

I had a choice at the time I enlisted: did I want to be a clerk typist or a helicopter repairman? I know, strange choice, huh? I was intrigued with working on helicopters, but I picked clerk typist because I already knew how to type.

At first I hated the Army. My first assignment was to an infantry division and it seemed all they did was physical training (I hate to exercise—yeah, what was I thinking?) and field exercises (not a fan of cleaning M16s—which you have to clean even if you don’t fire the darn thing!). Then I was reassigned to Ft. Greely, Alaska. What a difference an assignment made. I grew up during that one year there, found I liked the Army, and actually re-enlisted.

Good thing, too. I might not have met my husband otherwise!

During my service of not-quite-six years, I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA; Ft. Greely, AK: Ft. Huachuca, AZ; and Ft. Wainwright, AK (Hubby loved my stories of Alaska and re-enlisted to go there—I got to follow). I then became a military wife and lived at Ft. Monmouth, NJ and Ft. Rucker, AL. Hubby retired in 1991 (ten years after I was discharged).

I started out as a clerk typist, but also worked as a data entry clerk, personnel clerk, and mail clerk. Used my GI Bill and got my degrees in photography (AA) and accounting (BS).

Nowadays, six years doesn’t seem all that long. But I sure crammed a lot of memories during my time in the Army and I’m grateful for what it taught me.


Featured book: A Vampire Wedding (Bitten by Love #4)


In “Bite Me, I’m Yours,” John proposed and Sarah accepted. Now it’s time for their wedding, but she wants to elope and he wants to show her off. On a compromise they choose a small wedding with their friends in Las Vegas. But when John discovers just how many vampires live in the city of sin, he wonders if maybe they should have eloped after all.

URL for excerpt: http://stacymckitrick.com/Books_vampirewedding.php

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Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance, decided to write her own and found her passion in life. She used to work in accounting, now she spends her time with vampires and ghosts. Born in California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband. They have two grown children.


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