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Author travels is honored to have multi-published author and US Army veteran Jo Ann Brown visiting today. She’s here to tell us a little about her experiences in the Army and share information about her latest book, An Amish Match. Please welcome Jo Ann Brown. Be sure to leave a comment for Jo Ann and a note for an active duty service member.

Jo Ann and the US Army: When I was a child, growing up in a small town in northern New York, I always watched the veterans march in our annual Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades. I admired the camaraderie among them, men and women who had proudly served their country and protected it. I have to admit that joining their ranks wasn’t on my mind when I accepted a direct commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army, but I’ve found that same sense of kinship with the RomVets, women who share the common experiences of writing romance and being former military. It’s something that I treasure deeply.

Jo Ann and Writing: The books I’m currently writing seem like a contradiction to my real life. A Vietnam-era veteran living in rough-and-tumble Nevada writing about the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. But they aren’t. I grew up on a farm, not so different from those picture postcard Amish farms. Yes, we had electricity, but we were self-sufficient and found our entertainment within our community. One of our favorite things to do in the summer was swimming, and our favorite place was the stream beneath the covered bridge on a backroad a couple of miles from our house. A bridge that still stands just as many do in Amish country. The older boys were the most daring, and they’d leap off the bridge into the deep, cool pool below it, splashing all of us with the fresh water. When the opportunity came my way to write Amish romances for Harlequin Love Inspired, memories of those bucolic escapades came immediately to mind. Yes, my characters would have to work long days on their farms as we did or in their trades as a buggy maker, carpenters and a blacksmith, but I wanted them to have a chance to fall in love while doing the fun things we did as youngsters. So my characters have gone fishing and enjoyed auctions. They’ve made snow angels and taken a wild ride on a country road. They’ve celebrated holidays and birthdays and all the passages in the life of an extended family. Each time I start a new chapter in one of the books, I’m invited back into my own past. I hope you’ll try one of the books in the Amish Hearts series and join me on those adventures.

You may get Jo Ann’s books here: Amazon Print   Amazon Kindle   Nook

Jo Ann Brown photoAbout Jo Ann:  Jo Ann Brown has been creating characters and stories for as long as she can remember. Her first stories were populated with her friends and sisters. She wrote her first novel in high school, and it happily resides in the very back of her file cabinet. Fast forward through college, serving in the US Army as a quartermaster officer, getting married, and increasing her blessings with three children…and Jo Ann sold her first book in 1987. Since it was published in 1988, she has sold over 100 titles and has become a best-selling and award-winning author. Romantic Times called her “a truly talented author.” She currently writes Amish romances for Love Inspired as Jo Ann Brown. She has always lived on the east coast, but now resides in Nevada with her husband and a very chubby cat. Find out more about Jo Ann and her books at website:


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