US Army Veteran Kathy Crouch

Author, Kathy Crouch is one of the nicest people I know. She’s dedicated to her family and friends, as many women are, frequently putting her needs last and those of her family, friends and country first. Her books are not yet available, but with your support they soon will be. Please welcome Kathy to tell us about her personal military journey.

Kathy and Jim Crouch in uniform“I have to be honest I joined for a job and a pay check. The army and other military institutions, were maligned back in the 1970’s. I was married, most of the other women were single. I was a WAC, Womens Army Corps. I believe I was one the last group of women to go through basic as a WAC. I wore the Pallas Athena on my dress green uniform, instead of the brass of Quartermaster.

The time that I joined married couples were unique. The army was learning how to handle us. Jim was already in, he talked me into joining. Even though being a soldier wasn’t what I was cut out for, I served my three years.

Female soldiers numbered few. At Fort Hood, where I went after my training, our unit went to Fort Chaffee, AR to help process the Vietnamese people arriving as they escaped Vietnam. There were four or five women in the unit. We were housed with hospital personnel. Every morning the company would send a jeep to pick us up. Quite a few mornings we had to call and remind them, “Hey you forgot about us this morning.” We thought it was funny.

While I served at Fort Chaffee, Jim, my husband, was in Germany for a six month test exercise. Jim and I traveled to Germany together. We were in the same battalion, but different companies. I thought it was so cool to attend his formation to watch his promotion.

At the time I was in the old GI Bill was still in effect. I used it to obtain a B. A. in Sociology with a minor in Language Arts. Being an active duty soldier allowed me to start with three years of service when I went to work for civil service.

Things were different in the 1970’s than today. Although, I hear some things never change, women are still unique in the military, no matter how many of us there are.”


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