So this blog is changing and changing a lot. The name and URL–, The purpose–a place to share and dream for all who love travel and traveling. The focus–personal adventures and fictional settings. As an author, I am always traveling. Every setting (past, present or future) is a journey that I take both before I write and with my characters as a story develops. After my family, writing and traveling are my passions. So please join me on my travels, and we’ll tell each other stories along the way.

When will the change happen? Could be any day now. A few technical matters must be addressed, but we’ll definitely begin the voyage before August 01, 2015.

Where are we going? Our first destination is Northwest Scotland the setting for my current work in progress. Then we’ll be off to Italy and a brief stop in Northumbria to celebrate the release of my new medieval romance Knight Errant.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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    • Hi, thank you so much for your comment. Are you located in Scotland? Skye is not currently on the itinerary, sorry. The book I’m working on is set about fifty miles east of Scotland’s northwest coast, in the year 1295. I’ll start my journey in that area and time period then move around the country and through history as the story, details, or the blog readers dictate (so the itinerary could change).

      • I am located in sunny California. I love the stories I read of Scotland. And since I’ve ‘visited’ so many castles through stories, I thought to really get to know history as it was. My son is eager to find a nice quiet, bucolic village where he might vacation for a week, off the beaten track, but has plenty of history. I’ll be following your blog eager to hear where you stay and what you see. Hope there are pictures you’ll share with your followers. Thank you, Rue.

      • Thanks Eileen. Nice to meet another fan of the Scots. You do realize that at the moment I’m not really going to Scotland. We’ll be ‘traveling’ via my research into the countryside and culture. Hopefully, we’ll generate enough discussion that your son will find the village he’s looking for. (I can recommend Baldwin Michigan for quiet and beautiful lakes, but that’s not in Scotland. :))

      • Well, it appears, so much of our world has gone virtual. We even had virtual friends! Well, I’m game. I’m sure to enjoy the ‘trip’.

        I’ll check out Baldwin, Michigan. 🙂

      • 🙂 I wish I could go to every geographical setting I’ve ever written about. Sadly I’m not making enough in royalties (yet). Until then, virtual will have to do. Thanks for understanding.

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