The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicargua: Morning and More in Managua


We woke this morning to bright sunshine and a view of low mountains. Our hotel has a terrific breakfast buffet including traditional Nicaraguan dishes such as beans and rice, fried plantains, local cheese both fried and fresh, and a sort of stewed chicken as well as fare more familiar to North Americans like made to order omelets, home fries, scrambled eggs and a variety of breads. Dream Man loves the fresh off the tree fruit. My favorite part of every meal is the coffee. I don’t believe there is a bitter cup in the country.



I can’t say enough good about the courtesy at this hotel or anywhere else in Nicaragua for that matter. In very few USA hotels (and other businesses) does anyone open a door for a guest. Here in Nicaragua, everyone local and tourist alike is treated like royaty. Doors are opened, chairs are pulled out, plates are brought or whisked away with the wave of a hand. Perhaps this is true only of our hotel, but I suspect not. Today, while we’re tour Managua, I expect to be treated with the courtesy due a valued guest. The least Dream Man and I can do is return the courtesy and honor my hosts. We start learning Spanish today. No, we do not anticipated being even close to fluent before we must leave for Michigan. However, we already love Nicaragua and plan to return often.


Now that breakfast is finished we start the day’s adventure with a stroll from the hotel to la Plaza de la Revolucion. [Please forgive the lack of proper accent marks in my Spanish phrases. I haven’t yet figured out how to make this computer comply with international spellings.] The morning is sunny and pleasantly warm. The walk is relatively short although adventurous. The few sidewalks that exist are narrow and uneven. We often found ourselves, like most Nicaraguans, walking on the edge of the busy street. Thankfully the drivers seem very aware of their surroundings and we arrive at the Plaza without mis-hap. 


The Plaza is a broad open area with little to see other than the Museo Nacoinal de Nicaragua. We spend a lovely hour becoming familiar with the historical displays there. Then we continue our walk to the Malecon (waterfront) on Lake Managua. We quickly observe that the busy waterfront is not for tourists. I thank heaven that Dream Man is tall and imposing. No one on the Malecon thought we would make a good target.


Tired of walking we waved down a taxi and return to our hotel for lunch and an afternoon of swimming in the pool and sunbathing. This evening we plan to dine at La Casa de los Mejia Godoy. Godoy is famous for his performances of Nicaraguan folk music, and I hoped very much to hear some. Sadly the performance for the night of our dinner had been canceled. I still have the link to a You Tube video performance of Godoy’s which I share with you here,  As for our evening out, we did enjoy the company of some new friends and a delicious meal of local appetizers, seafood and beer before returning to our hotel to rest up for our journey the next day to Granada and the market at Masaya.


Please leave a comment and tell me how you handled a small disappointment in your life.



4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicargua: Morning and More in Managua

  1. I do get a bit sad with small disappoint. But it always brights the day to cook a good meal or spend time with mother nature.:) it sounds like a wonderful place to vist and I gorgeous

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