The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicaragua: Day 1

I was soooooo excited. Today was the day I would get to Nicaragua, land of Marimba and parrots. Then reality set in. Even a Princess as royal as I cannot change time.  Our flight from Michigan did not leave until after 2:00 PM, a loooong six hours from my 8:00 AM waking time.

I had a few ‘last minute’ arrangements to delegate, but I had hoped to spend the waiting hours in pleasant dalliance with Dream Man. However, Dream Man had to work from home until the metro car picked us up. I was left to my own devices [Dream Man is off limits when he works from home].DEESbook

I consoled myself and passed the hours with Cindy Dees latest romantic  novel. [Dream Man could be the archetype for those terrifically passionate fictional heroes.] The hours passed and finally [just as I got to the good part of Ms. Dees’ novel], the car pulled into our driveway. Dream Man stopped working. We loaded the cases into the car and were off…to do some more waiting [and reading].

Jet Airplane Landing at SunsetAt DTW we waited to board. Once on the
plane we waited two and a half hours to arrive in Atlanta where we would change planes. In Atlanta we waited an hour before boarding the Managua flight. We waited through three and a half hours on that flight before arriving in

Nicaragua’s capital city. [It was now a full 13 hours since I’d gotten up in the morn ing.] And we were not yet done waiting. Nicaraguan Customs officers are very efficient. However, we took our place in the Customs line on the one day that problems plagued the Customs computer system. An hour and a half later we were done waiting.

Finished with Customs we picked up our checked bags [which had been waiting for us], stepped out the door into an army of men who inundated TAXIus with pleas to allow them to drive us to our hotel. Dream Man selected a driver and we were off, arriving at our hotel in less than an hour, exhausted from a day of waiting.

Because the hour was so late I saw nothing of Nicaragua’s scenery between the airport and the hotel. The hotel was an odd mixture of elegance and shabbiness. The lobby was a marvel of mirrors and marble. Our very spacious suite [which has no dresser] must have the oldest carpet in creation. Holes adorn the worn upholstery of comfy chairs and a sofa. The electronics set up is state of the art. [All of the rooms electricity is controlled by inserting a key card into a wall slot so we only use power when we are actually in the room]. The bathroom is tiny but plush. That night I didn’t care. All I wanted was a bed to rest my weary body and mind. I was so tired I didn’t even mind that Dream Man was snoring before my head hit the pillow.

Please leave a comment. Let me know about a time when you had too much time to anticipate and how you dealt with that. Next time, Morning in Managua.


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