The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicaragua: Getting Ready

So, we’re going to Nicaragua. The decision’s been made. What’s the first thing Dream Man does, the morning after we celebrated making the decision? Did he kiss me with the passion that I love? Did he write poems about his gratitude for my wise and gracious decision to accompany him? HandFDid he make promises of romance and beauty at our destination? No. No, kisses, poems or promises. Not even a blissful thank you. What Dream Man did first was present me with a huge list of ‘To Do’ items, along with an announcement. “Beloved,” he says. “Since I must labor at my day job [The job that keeps me in tiaras and bon-bons] I know you will not mind taking care of these minor arrangements in preparation for our adventure.” With that he kissed my cheek and left me staring after him wondering if I was a Princess or an errand-girl.

Let me tell you, I am definitely NOT an errand-girl. I’m a Princess [note the capital P], and a Princess does not run errands or make arrangements. If a task does happen to come the way of a Princess, she delegates to underlings, so she can continue the difficult work of being the beautiful and gracious woman her dream man loves. Sadly the only underlings available were my two cats, Jose and Junior. Everyone knows that cats consider themselves to be more regal than the most royal of humans. Hence Junior and Jose refused to even acknowledge my orders to implement Dream Man’s list.

The upshot is that I had to remove my tiara, set aside my bon-bons and take up the role of errand-girl [Ugh!] Oh how embarrassing. Thank heaven that no one other than Dream Man [and now you, my friends] realizes that I am a Princess.

What’s that you say? You want me to cut to the chase and tell you what was on the list? Fine. For those of you more interested in practicalities than Princessly angst, here’s the list:

  1. Make Managua Hotel Reservations
  2. Make Airline Reservations
  3. Determine Vaccination RequirementsSHOT
  4. Get Vaccinated
  5. Notify Credit Card Companies to Avoid Credit Shut Off Due to Unusual Expenses
  6. Notify Alarm Company of Our Absence
  7. Notify Local Police Force of Our Absence
  8. Look into Need for Medical Insurance and Acquire Same
  9. Determine Phone Provider Support in Nicaragua
  10. Register Electronics with Customs to Avoid Paying Duty on Stuff We Already Own
  11. Review Customs Requirements in Nicaragua and US, Complete Necessary Documents and Pack for Safekeeping
  12. Arrange for Cat Care
  13. Determine Costs of Rental Care or Hiring Driver
  14. Investigate and Acquire Trip Insurance (if needed)
  15. Determine Where/How to Get Laundry Done in Nicaragua
  16. Decide on Activities to Pursue while in Nicaragua and Make Reservations as Needed
  17. Create VPN
  18. Acquire and Pack All Prescription Medicines.
  19. Pack All Suitcases and Carry Ons
  20. Arrange Transport to and From Airport & Hotel, Airport and Home

Now a twenty item list may not seem much to you, but many of those items are complex and/or depend on the cooperation of other people. Nonetheless, this Princess proved more than capable of handling the task. Then, will wonders never cease, Dream Man arrives home from his job (the day before we are to depart) and comes through with the adoration that is my due. [Needless to say, I did not get much sleep that night.] Believe you me, being adored, body [every very happy inch] and soul is an exquisitely pleasant way to live and well worth running a few errands.

SUITcaseThe work is done and we are on our way. Please leave a comment and tell me about your travel preparations. Next time—Day 1 in Nicaragua


4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicaragua: Getting Ready

  1. We never did it for a cruise either, Stacy. I think we were being a bit paranoid about our destination. The registration was easy, did no harm and may save us headaches when we get home.

  2. I never would have thought to register electronics with customs. We travel on cruises all the time and no one has ever questioned our electronics.

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