My Weird Behavior, or I’m Not Swearing, Honest!

IRATEdriverIf you ever see me (or some other stranger) drive past you and my lips are moving as I peer out the right side of my vehicle, please don’t assume that I am cussing you out for cutting me off (or some other idiotic driving maneuver). Also, don’t assume I’m singing. (I might be, but I wouldn’t be looking out the side window to do that.) What I am doing is reading signs aloud. See, I have a hearing problem. I’m not completely deaf but I don’t hear well, and haven’t for most of my life. As a child the hearing issues caused me to mumble, and a vocal therapist recommended tht I read signs aloud while traveling to help me learn how to ennunciate. Dstreet signecades later I have excellent elocution skills, better than most folks who don’t have a hearing impairment. I am also able to interpret most people’s mumbles fairly well and have a moderate lip reading ability. Reading road signs aloud has many benefits, and I’ve had other voice coaches and language teachers recommend the same practice. What I don’t have is better hearing, at least not due to the sign reading exercise. I have acquired hearing aids, and those have helped tremendously. So, please, when you pass or are passed on the road by someone whose lips are moving, understand that we’re learning elocution, not singing, and definitely not cussing. Do you have an odd behavior (or even not so odd) that others could easily misinterpret? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks.


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