Home Again, Home Again. . .

A picture of the vehicle I traveled in for part of my journey

A picture of the vehicle I traveled in for part of my journey

Despite a brief stop at home I’ve been traveling since June 4th. I love to travel, and I had a terrific time at both events that I attended. However, two weeks (or thereabouts) seems to be my limit—at least for travel by automobile. I don’t remember being quite so glad to get home to peace and quiet before. I’ve spent the day (since arriving home) catching up on FB and blogs, drafting my very occasional newsletter, doing laundry, and generally taking it easy. Tomorrow I’ll see an MD about the injury to my knee that happened while I was traveling (not debilitating but worrisome because the bruising isn’t going away as it should). I’ll do a little shopping while I’m out as well as pick up my dry cleaning. Then I’ll dive back in to writing and household chores. Those two things will occupy the majority of my time until mid-August when I’ll be off on another (shorter) journey. Do you like to travel? What was your favorite trip? What part of traveling do you like best? If you don’t travel, how do you spend your vacation? Please answer in the comments. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again. . .

  1. I love to travel, we just got back from my brother in-laws wedding. I don’t mind the long car rides as long as the weather’s nice and there’s not a ton of road work. I would love totravel more, maybe up to
    Yellowstone and just around the state’s. Really I want to go to Ireland,Scotland.

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