The Stuff in My Office–3

No, we’re not done. Remember, I said I had 60+ years worth of stuff to tell you about (and you get to know me pretty well in the process). Today we movePICTUREwall past the chotchskies (I’m not going to bother showing you the books; you can’t possibly see all of them at once, and there are better shots, which I’ll show later) to look at some pictures. Here’s the full wall shot at right.

DAVIDsunset3The top picture (see close-up left) is of a sunset at a California shore, and that’s why I keep it. It’s a good picture (despite the poor reproduction quality here) and a great sunset. I’m not particularly fond of California, nor do I care much about this photographer (I won’t insult my sister’s ex; I promise I won’t). However, sunsets get added to the growing list of stuff I like. In fact, sunsets IMHO are events not to be missed. Sadly I live in an area not conducive to watching sunsets—too much junk cluttering the horizon. I envy (in the nicest possible way) my friend Lindsay M. who gets to see gorgeous sunsets on an almost daily basis. She shares them with us on her FB page, and the next time she posts one, I’ll share it with my FB friends.

Below the sunset is a watercolor by local artist Susan Falcone of a Golden Eagle (see close-up lower  right). Downstairs in my living room, I have two more of her watercolors both of Redtail Hawks, my favorite raptors. I was given the Golden Eagle by my sweetheart, and we purchased the other two together. Supporting Susan is a real pleasure not just because the subjects of her paintings are dear to me, but the quality of the work is exceptional.HAWKfalcone

Beneath the Golden Eagle is a plaque given me by the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America on the occasion of my very first sale in 1999 (see close-up below left). The Cowboy and the Caddy was released as an e-book in 2000 and was well received. The cover image on the plaque isn’t all that great. I was poorer at the time, and didn’t have the ability to improve the image the publisher gave me. Because it comes from my fellow authors, the plaque means a great deal to me as do my continuing friendships at the MMRWA group.

MMRWAfirstSALEawardLast is another plaque (see close-up below right) purchased for me by my then fiancé shortly after we first met. The sentiment, “Love is the reward of love,” is hard to read, having faded over the intervening 37+ years. My sweetheart could not have given me a better gift. In the years of our marriage I’ve been rewarded tenfold. That’s a lot of love because I love him very much. He’s the reason I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world.

FIRSTgiftThis has been a long post for me (partly because of the number of images). I still want to get your comments on the items and topics discussed. Please visit often. I do my best to add another Office Stuff post every day or so, time and other commitments permitting. Thanks so much for sharing your time and life with me.


4 thoughts on “The Stuff in My Office–3

  1. Rue, I loved learning about your office mementos in the three posts. One branch of my lineage is Swedish, too, and I think it is really great you have that little shoe made by your grandfather. It has Sweden written all over it.

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