When the Attitude is Gratitude

So, I’m participating in #30DaysOfThanks and re-discovering how truly full and blessed my life is. I won’t go into the long list of things (way more than 30) for which I am grateful, that’s what the thirty days is for, and I’m doing that over on my FB page. What I want to discuss here is what happens in life when your attitude is gratitude. I can point to three things that happened almost immediately when I started the 30 day thing.

1. Stress relief–I worry less and less. I wake up happier (if not energized) every day and discovered that I had lots to look forward to.

2. Silver linings and lemonade–troubles and woes (clouds and lemons) became blessings. Having car trouble is a chance to meet new people (the nice man who came to give me a jump start and the quirky lady on the phone who arranged the service call). Burning dinner is a chance to have a healthier meal (salad and shrimp is much healthier for me than pork chops and potatoes). I think you get the point.

3. Surprises–I’ve started getting calls from friends, family and colleagues who haven’t contacted me in months (years in some cases). This I think is karma or the universe trying to balance itself–a true example of what goes around comes around. My nature as a writer is to isolate. Not because I don’t like other people, but because I love writing and writing is a solitary activity. To have others contact me was thrilling. I didn’t have to put aside my writing to talk with the people I love.

Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Did you notice a result? What was it? I’m looking forward to your comments.


3 thoughts on “When the Attitude is Gratitude

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  2. I tend to always look for the good in a situation. For example, my car battery went dead. Fortunately a friend was nearby when it happened, and then today another friend had the time to get it going again so I could go buy a new one. I’d had the battery for a much longer than normal down here, and it could have easily gone out at a very inconvenient time or place. So it was a good thing.

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