Deal Breakers

Cover Art for Deal of a LifetimeThis week I’m celebrating the world wide release of my contemporary romance Deal of a Lifetime. Because the book involves two former lovers, now high-powered business owners, who are competing for the same contracts wheeling and dealing is central to the book. Over the course of the story we discover what makes the deal (relationship) attractive to both hero and heroine. So I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the deal breakers that keep the couple apart before love can triumph over all.

  1. Business is more important than our love. Tamsin, our heroine’s, original reason for leaving Connor (our hero) was his work-aholic habits. Habits that reminded her too much of the father who neglected her and his wife so much that Tam’s mother committed suicide. (Yes, people do die from neglect.)
  2. You don’t have faith in me. Connor knows that Tam is capable of deep and enduring passion, but she doesn’t share that faith in him.
  3. You’re keeping secrets. Boy is Tam ever keeping a secret. When the truth comes out just as the couple are moving towards resolution the deal almost dies.

While other minor conflicts crop up, those three are the major points that need to be resolved before Tam and Con can achieve their HEA.

Please leave a comment and tell me what would be a deal breaker (or a deal maker) in your relationships.

Deal of a Lifetime  is available world wide today, September 4, 2013.

Learn more about Deal of a Lifetime, Rue Allyn and her other books at You may contact Rue through the following social media sites.


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