Day One Comfort Texas

What a terrific little town. I spent an hour wandering just the main street and took way more pictures than I have space to show here. At the end of this blog are three samples of the local architecture, almost all of which is more than 100 years old. Comfort has an interesting history. it was founded in 1854 by German ‘freethinking’ immigrants. Supporters of individual beliefs and freedoms these people were abolisionists in a ‘slave’ state. Obviously they didn’t have a peaceful start in this country.At the same time, they manage to create a town (one of several in the Texas Hill Country) of extraordinary beauty and charm. Story ideas are already churning, and I have oodles of images for inspiration. From top to bottom are images of local architecture. The image atthe top shows that the typical metal roofing material is used not only for people but birds. The center image is of a trio of windows in a restored building that is 120 years old. The bottom image is of a project currently undergoing restoration. This building started life as a blacksmith’s shop and has since served as a saloon and restaurant among many other things. the limestone used in all three buildings was quarried locally and is a dominant building material in the area. When well maintained the buildings glisten a brilliant white in the hot Texas sun.

ROOFs  GILESwindows  BlacksmithShopRestorationProgress


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