Loving Those Dangerous Alpha Males with Author, Maria Corrales

Thank you Rue for letting me visit with your readers today. I’ll do my best to keep it clean, but such isn’t in my direct nature, so we’ll see how I do. Lol

So, let’s talk dangerous alpha males. You know the type, they’re physically intimidating in that ‘hope I never meet you in a dark alley’ type of way, and yet we want them. Yes, ladies we must admit that we want them. They’re gaze is often more direct than other males, and they aren’t afraid to speak up and contradict us.tastingcamilla200x300

Is it the challenge they present to us as women; the taming of a powerful creature that can harm others and yet protects us with the gentlest of hands. I know that’s what it was like with my hero from Tasting Camilla. Vampire master, Vladislas, doesn’t even know the definition of tame. He’s dangerous and knows his own power well. Still, he’s intrigued by the lovely Camilla and her tough exterior, even though she has no defense against him.

These dangerous males are all about protecting what belongs to them. They can make the toughest girl feel feminine when in their presence.

I know I love those dangerous alpha heroes because I don’t consider myself particularly tame. I tend to be stubborn and analytical. Combine those traits with being an alpha female and it’s hell on the men in my life. Still, I’ve gotta say that they love me.

mcor-lovesdemonways3One of the most dangerous men I enjoyed writing was Ren Aloysius from Love’s Demon Ways. He a half-blood demon with a real bad boy side that is all it’s own. Word of warning, it is an erotic fantasy romance. Lots of heat.

So tell me: Do you love the dangerous alpha heroes? Who’s your favorite?
Mary Corrales

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Mary Corrales writes erotic romance and erotic in several different genres including fantasy, contemporary suspense and paranormal. She enjoys chatting with readers on twitter about all things book and writing related.


9 thoughts on “Loving Those Dangerous Alpha Males with Author, Maria Corrales

  1. Mary,
    I seem to gravitate towards alpha men, especially shifters (wolves, bears, and tigers, oh my) and military veterans. Alpha men are not intimidated by smart, independent, strong women. In fact, not only do these women pose a mental, physical and yes, emotional, challenge.

    Together they are better versions of themselves. The men can embrace their gentle, nurturing, loyal, loving sides, because they know it will be reciprocated by the women. The women don’t have to “dumb things down,” or “become demure,” or ramp up the “ingenue.” If anything, alpha men accept them as they are, because the men are attracted to their unique qualities, not repelled by them.

    But, I think it takes time to develop into an alpha man. The men have to learn who they are, before they can be in a relationship with another person. This happens over several (many) years, for both men and women. I like stories that catch both the man, and the woman, at the point in their lives when they fully accepted themselves and are ready to share themselves with another person. That connection is awesome.

    • Ohh, the refined alpha males. Ah yes…peel those clothes off him and he’s all deliciously masterful underneath. Hmm, makes me think of a good chocolate bar for some reason. lol. Thanks for the comment, Ella.

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