Friendship Friday welcomes C. K. Crouch

Please welcome C. K. Crouch, fellow author and US Veteran. She’s got a very interesting project to tell us about. Then she’ll answer her share of weird questions. How, here’s C. K. I know C. K. would love to answer more questions. Leave a weird (or not so weird) question of your own in the comments below.

Photo of Author C. K. CrouchThanks Rue for having me here today. The name C. K. is a play on my initials. I’ve been Kathy for many years, so when I needed a pen name I thought of my favorite author’s J D Robb and had an aha moment with C. K. Let’s see, I served in the US Army from October 1974 to February 1978. In fact, I was one of the last group of women to graduate from basic training as a WAC. Surviving my first year as a widow was tough but I managed to make it with one day at a time and a lot of online and offline friends sharing my sorrow and joys. I’m an aspiring author who writes romantic suspense and loves to read also, because reading leads to better writing. I’m also a tax preparer with my own little business since 2000.

My current project is a romantic suspense entitled Navy SEAL Over The Edge. It’s about a Navy SEAL who’s recalled to active duty to find and stop the man that is killing members of his former SEAL team. I pitched the story the first week in January and received a request for a partial from Harlequin Intrigue. Now, I’m in the process of preparing the first three chapters and creating a synopsis to submit with it.

Now for the questions:

1. What’s the color of your toothbrush? Purple

2. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yep

3. How much do you use ketchup? (1 – not at all, 5 – on all foods) I’d say 2 on French fries. But you won’t find any in my house.

4. Are you a “dogperson” or a “catperson”? Both, I used to have 2 dogs and a cat. Right now, I’m a non-pet person. But, I’m considering adding a cat back to the house after mine disappeared last April.

5. Do you like carrots? yes

6. The size of your hard-disc? 221 GB

7. What’s your favourite word? Love

8. If you were a tree, what tree would you be? Palm

9. When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought? My hair!

10. How much cash do you have on you? Not sure

11. What’s a word that rhymes with TEST? Rest


9 thoughts on “Friendship Friday welcomes C. K. Crouch

    • I have an empty cookie jar made like a Victorian, I think, house. It’s sitting on my dresser due to lack of space for it. I hope by this time next year to finally have my place squared away. I’m covered up with boxes and things to sort and decide, keep, toss or sell.

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