So Nice Sunday–Veterans

Veterans, military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Air men, Rank, Rate, rating, duty, duty station, sacrifice, thanksI’ve written about Veterans and Active Duty Service men and women in this blob before.  Veterans Day offers another to tell my sisters and brothers in arms how truly grateful I am for their valor, sacrifice and service.  In my view there is no greater calling than to sacrifice for others, and every US service man and woman does that on a daily basis.  Frontline or support, five star or e-1, Seal, Mechanic, Disbursing Clerk et cetera–duty station, rank, rating do not matter, every individual soldier, sailor, airman and marine is essential to the USA’s defense and stability.  The sacrifices–long absences from home and family, personal injury, life and death, and more, all are given with very little received in return.  I cannot say thank you loudly or often enough.  Join me on this day.  Leave a comment of thanks.


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