Watch out Wednesday

BinocularsIs there hope for people like me, who can write thousands of words for a novel but draw complete blanks when looking at a blog screen.  Our Social Media Guru, Lisa Pietsch says yes.  For those who are blog challenged she recommends an editorial calendar, i.e. assigning yourself specific topic for specific days.  The calendar can take any shape that suits the blogger, and while I fully expect to take note of many holidays, I’ve decided to make the effort to note specific days of the week.  So today is ‘Watch out, Wednesday.’  A day designated for writing about things to watch out for.  For example, I fully intend to watch the Presidential debate tonight.  I’m specifically watching out to see which of the candidates can impress me with his oratory and logical skills.  I want a president who can communicate clearly and reason well.  I’ll also watch out for clues regarding each candidate’s motivation.  Does he really have the interests of the whole country at heart, or is he simply blowing smoke.  I realize that the debate may not be the best venue for discovering what I want to know.  However, I don’t have many options.  Leave a comment and let me know what you’re watching out for.  Oh yes, please check back soon, if you want to know what else is on my editorial calendar.


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