Flowers, Finally!

We have lived in this house for roughly 10 months and in that time have re-modeled about half of the interior (still waiting on the other half).  So other than putting up holiday decorations we’ve had little time or money to do anything to the outside.  Two weeks ago that all changed.  We resurfaced the deck (which really needs replacing but resurfacing fit the budget better).  We dug the deck furniture out of storage.  The grill is still in the garage, but we’ll add that as soon as the flower pots are positioned and filled. 

Finally I’ll have flowers.  Not as many as I want, but this is a start.  I love flowers, even though I’m not a gardener.  When I plant, I use very hardy plants that will survive despite my neglect.  Because we live near the woods, I use plants that are not deer friendly.  The Day Lilies that I’ll plant tomorrow morning are sturdy and propagate easily.  By summer’s end, I’ll be able to split the bulbs and transplant into other parts of what I hope will become a bright vibrant garden.  Here are a few ‘before’ pics.

Flowers and pots before planting

All the materials needed to pot my pretty day lilies.

My plans include two birch trees to frame the deck and provide a little shade; a hedge of lilacs at the lot line between our house and the neighbors (no more ugly garbage cans in view). Daffodils and Day Lilies in pots and along the bottom of the deck. Lavender at the corner of the deck near the stair rail. Irises to border the far side of the deck where there’s part sun, part shade. Some variety of coreopsis to border the walk leading to the side stairs. Eventually I’ll put in a forsythia hedge on the side of the yard near the garage. Around in front of the house which is very shady I hope to grow Lily of the Valley and some other shade friendly varieties. Finishing this garden will take years simply because I don’t have time or money to do it all at once. The result should be worth the wait. Best of all, tomorrow I start putting the plans in action.

A closer view of the pre-potting mess

A closer view of the pre-potting mess

 Leave a comment, please. Tell me about your garden or yard. I love discovering how others use their outdoor spaces. If you don’t have a yard or garden, share an adventure you had in the out of doors. Come back in a day or two. I’ll post the after pictures.Thanks

The deck from the other side

The other side with the mess out of view

The deck and mess from a distance


4 thoughts on “Flowers, Finally!

    • Many thank yous, Leigh. No, I’m not a gardener. I don’t like digging in the dirt or growing things from seed. But I do like color. I think the Off Limits cover is HOT! Now if I can just finish the next book. Hope you’re doing well. Stop by and check out the after pictures.

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