Quiet! So Nice Sunday~~May 20, 2012

Today is ‘so nice’ because of the quiet.  My DH is away on business, and I have the house to myself (just me and the cats).  I get to enjoy the quiet.  You have to understand that my DH doesn’t make a lot of noise, so perhaps quiet isn’t quite the correct word.  Maybe solitude is what I’m really after.  The energy of my home is different when I share that space with my DH than when I’m home alone, so to speak.  The tie with my sweetheart is strong enough that if he is within reach–downstairs, out in the barn, working in the kitchen, anywhere in the house or on the property–I feel his presence.  I don’t understand why this is so, but it is.  I love him dearly and miss him when he’s away.  He is the best stress in my life.  However, I do enjoy a day or so on my own, without that beloved stressor.  In a  way it’s a rest, a pause.  Not a condition I want to live in permanently, but like a beautiful flower or dramatic sunset, solitude feeds my soul for a brief time before I move on.  Do you like solitude?  Is loving a pleasant stress?  How do you feel when your loved one is at home or away temporarily?  Please share your thougts and comments.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Quiet! So Nice Sunday~~May 20, 2012

  1. Thanks Ella. Most authors and other creative folks get the solitude thing. But I think few people outside the creative professions understand. I could be wrong, but I know my family and friends who aren’t artistically inclined are baffled when I say I’m happy that I get to have time alone.

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