So Nice Sunday~~April 29, 2012

I love snuggling with my Sweetheart as we fall asleep on a chilly night, but sleeping in the next morning is even better.  He gets up and is off to work before the day is born, and he loves me enough to let me sleep in.  It’s so nice to sleep in, wake up to sunlight and bird song streaming through my window (a nice size tree sits right outside).  I can stretch and yawn and linger enjoying the moment.  Street noises are muted and fresh air scents the room.  I’m delaying the moment when the day changes from a lazy, relaxed flow to a focused  rush of activity.  That moment arrives when I toss aside the covers, embrace the cooler air outside my somnolent cocoon and jump into the activities of the day that make lingering abed so nice.


6 thoughts on “So Nice Sunday~~April 29, 2012

  1. Your so-nice Sunday was a special day for me. I would have to say that the unconditional love from my parents and brothers are so nice for me. I just saw them on my way back to Germany from Hawaii – I arranged a 12-hour layover in San Francisco on Sunday to see my family in Sacramento. My dad had a heart attack a week ago – and is doing ok, home from the hospital. My mom is going through chemo for cancer – and it’s not going so well. So, my quick stopover to see them was really special. My two brothers picked me up and dropped me off at the airport – and drove me up to Sac to see everyone. It was truly a so-nice Sunday!

    • You’re welcome CK. So far I’m enjoying this feature. It really isn’t very hard to find things that are ‘So Nice’ in my life. Bet yours is pretty good too.

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