5 Questions Marks

I know I forgot something, but what?

Every time I forget an appointment, birthday, or event I envy the main character on the TV show Unforgettable.  I do wonder how she manages to remember all that stuff and not go crazy.  I certainly would if I saw videos of myself doing things I’d already done.  Of course perhaps that’s part of my increasing lack of memory; I’m not a visual thinker and never have been.  Pictures don’t help me much either.  [Nope I haven’t been diagnose with Alzheimer’s or dementia, yet.]  Not that I can’t imagine stuff.  I am a fiction writer, after all, so those ideas have to come from somewhere.  But I don’t imagine in images.  I imagine in words (usually spoken but often written) or concepts.  In some theories concepts are the pre-cursors to any symbols visual or audible or other.  From conversations with fellow authors, I’m unusual in my in-ability to visualize or get help from visual aids.  But back to my memory issues.  My doctor says the memory lapses are due to stress and recommends meditation.  I wonder if a doctor whose schedule is busier than mine finds time to meditate?  She’s probably right because I never forget anything when I don’t have anything else that I have to remember to do.  Take a minute to comment and share your memories about lapses of memory.  If you’ve got a cure I’m eager to learn what you know.  But don’t tell me to make a list.  I do that all the time (I use my calendar too), and—you guessed it—I forget to look at the calendar and can’t recall where I put the list.


6 thoughts on “Unforgettable?

  1. Sometimes I’m so afraid I’m losing my marbles, things just drift away in a mist of unimportance, even the important things. I’m definitely into lists, but like you, it so easy to forget to check them. This can’t be the onset of dementia surely? We’re all far toooooo young. And our brains are so active, churning out wonderful stories. Isn’t that supposed to help ward off these evils of age? Yeah right! I’ll be watching for more comments in the hope someone will tell us the answer

    • Anne,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m not certain there are answers. I know I’ve been told by more than one professional in the field that without any other symptoms, i.e. occasional memory lapse isn’t paired with something else, the most likely explanation is stress. So reducing stress via exercise and meditation are the only solutions I’ve arrived at. I’m with you and will watch for more comments for clues to increasing my chances of remembering.

  2. I find that if I write something down, I’m more likely to remember it. But since I started writing, it’s getting worse. I can walk into a room to do something and then have no idea why I’m there.

  3. Lists. Lots of lists.
    And I still forget things! Usually, like you, I forget the list. Or forget to add to the list.

    The good news is, I forget stuff often enough that I can use it as an excuse when I didn’t actually forget, but ignored something instead! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

    What am I worried about? You’ll probably forget before you get to the next post!

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