Author Mimi Barbour Is in the House

Cover art for My Cheeky Angel by Mimi BarbourToday I’m hosting guest author Mimi Barbour. Mimi wants to tell you about her newest book My Cheeky Angel.

     Annie is naïve and love-starved, she’ll soon to be celebrating her big 3-0. Something needs to be done! Celi, her ‘down-to-earth’ guardian angel appears to help kick-start Annie’s big change—her looks, her job, her whole life. By taking a managerial position with a sophisticated shoe manufacturer, Annie becomes embroiled with her new associates and hooked on the power of big business. Unfortunately, her exhaustion from overwork forces her to ignore old friends, and her lapse places someone she cares about in terrible danger.

     Tyler, a Social Worker and a woman-hater previously hurt in two relationships, only wants Annie in his life as a good buddy. Oh yeah! And to help with his mixed-up street kids. Perversely, once her life alters, he misses her like hell.  In one sweet night of loving everything changes. But, due to an overabundance of nightcaps, she doesn’t remember the night he can’t forget. 

My Cheeky Angel is being offered as a free download via this link

Please leave a comment for Mimi, and if you’d like more information about her or her books visit the following links: My Cheeky Angel  1st in the Angels with Attitudes Series ,, or you can read the excerpt copied below.

My Cheeky Angel: EXCERPT

Every time he closed his eyes, a strange image of Annie in trouble took on such realistic tendencies it seemed surreal. Sick of his own company, Tyler decided a walk would do him a world of good, clear his head, and help to get his mind off his tomboy gone rogue.

Once the idea appeared, it became a fixation. No choice, no dragging his feet, he had to get out of his apartment. Either he needed hallucination treatments or a curt, gravelly female had taken up residence in his brain and urged him to hurry and get his butt moving.

The elevator, not ever on his floor, awaited him with the door open and no one else inside. He shivered. Strange and stranger! The ride down lasted only seconds. When it slowly opened, a nightmare unfolded. One look at his Annie clinging to her evening’s escort and his rage superseded common sense. Without thought, he ripped her from the scumbag’s groping fingers and shoved the conceited-looking, puffed-up character against the wall. All Tyler’s six feet two inches of anger intimidated. He watched the coward evaluate, then shrink back.

Within seconds the smooth prick spoke. “Anna had a bit too much to drink. I was seeing her safely home.”

“Not a problem. I’ll take her up,” he growled. By this time, Tyler had a supportive arm around the wobbly woman. He looked down at her. “Say bye-bye to your date…Anna.” His spitting out her newly chosen name would have set worry bells ringing, if she’d been in her normal state of mind. Blitzed out of her head, she just jiggled her fingers and said, “Bye-bye, date.”

With everything happening so fast, Tyler knew Annie hadn’t had a chance to fully appreciate the change in her situation. One minute she was leaning drunkenly against the slimy character whose hands were all over her body, while her unfocused eyes gazed at him adoringly. The next minute, Tyler had taken over.

As the elevator doors closed, leaving Sergio shrugging off his disappointment, a fuming Tyler lifted Annie into his arms.

At ease, Annie wrapped her arms around him, snuggled her face into his neck, and then sighed. His familiar expensive cologne, one of her gifts that he regularly used, seemed to soothe her. “I love how you smell.”

His anger fled the moment he became aware that she sniffed at him like a small kitten. His legs almost buckled when he felt the tip of her tongue lick him, and then press a tiny kiss over the wet spot.

The groan started deep, frustration forcing it out, chasing away his righteous snit. At her door, he lowered her to her unsteady feet, but she refused to unwind her arms from around his neck. They clung, her body glued to his.


4 thoughts on “Author Mimi Barbour Is in the House

  1. Hi Rue,
    Thanks for having me on your blog today and for telling everyone about their chance to download so many free books (of course – Cheeky Angel is listed in Roamnce)
    As to the answer to your question, originally I wanted to write a book about a girl who tended to live inside her head rather than interact with others. I thought it made a lot of sense (since I know a lot of people who do this) but when I’d written it and asked my friends what they thought about the premiss, I was told that everyone would just think she’s wacky. And that I needed someone else for her to talk to. So, along came Celi, her cheeky angel. Once into this story, I realized that I could write a lot of different stories about people in need of the help of an angel. Since I tend to write characters that are mult-dimensional, they certainly couldn’t be perfect little celestial beings…it’s a lot more fun to write and read about people (and angels) who aren’t too perfect.
    xo MImi
    Readers, I had to post this response for Mimi, she’s having computer issues.

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